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This community is built for writers and artists to create work that they can share in a fun and safe way. We recognize that some of that content can and will be triggering for some people. Above all else, be respectful to one another and of the topics at hand, and please be sure to both use and read all applicable warnings.

Important Dates

Sign ups:July 1st through December 12th. To sign up for a card please leave a comment in the sign up post.
Round Four: July 1st (or whenever you receive your card) to December 12th
Amnesty and judging: December 13th to December 20th.


1. Each bingo card is a randomized 5X5 grid filled with angst prompts drawn from a master list. The goal is to make a bingo on your card. A bingo can be made as a line, blackout, border, small circle, X, or +. For more information see Points and Scoring. You must post your card to your journal and link to it as part of your posting template.

2. Squares are marked off toward a bingo or an extra by filling the prompt within the square. For each square a new piece of fanwork (fic, art, or icons) must be created. Any text must be in English, and no original fiction/art will be accepted. (Original characters in existing fandoms can be used, however they must be noted in the header on the fanwork.) See Points and Scoring for more information on extras.

3. You can submit fic, art, or icons to fill each bingo spot. To keep the amount of work a fill takes consistent there are minimum requirements for a fill. They are as follows:
fic - 500 words
art - medium sized (approx 300x200)
icons - set of 10
vids - 1 minute
mixes - 8 songs + cover art

4: You must complete and submit at least one bingo on your card before requesting a new card, attempting a second bingo with the same card or submitting extras. You can reuse any square on your card as many times as you like, however each submission for points requires a new fanwork. A fill cannot be used in more than one bingo or extra. If you received a card with prompts of a triggering nature for you, please contact the mods ASAP, so that we can work with you to create a more suitable card.

Please note: If you receive a new card, it must also be posted to your journal and linked to as a part of the posting template tied to that card.

5: After completing your first bingo you may complete extras on your current card or on a new card. They cannot be submitted for points until the bingo has already been submitted. Extras do not count toward a bingo, and require new fills. For a full explanation, see Points and Scoring.

6. Anything already publicly posted may not be used to fill a square for angst bingo.

7. Fills should be posted to your journal (or where you see fit, such as communities, AO3, etc.). To receive points you must make a submission post to the angst bingo community. Your post to the community must include links to all relevant fills. All links need to go to open posts (no locked/private entries/sites) that have been clearly marked as part of Angst Bingo (either in a note or by tagging). For more information see the Posting Template at the bottom of this post. Submission posts should not include the fills themselves. We will only count points for what is posted to the comm before each round’s deadline. Anything submitted during the Amnesty period will not receive points.

8. All prompts are open to interpretation. For example, 'assault' doesn't necessarily have to have sexual content; 'multiple personalities' could be interpreted as living with a mental condition, or as several consciousness being forced into one body by scientific or magical means; 'unable to move' could mean a temporary or permanent paralysis, or the inability to move forward after trauma etc.

9. Some angst prompts can be potentially triggering. If you're uncomfortable with writing about any of the prompted situations, please note them when you sign up so we can give you a card avoiding them altogether.

Besides that, you can look at the list of prompts the cards are made from before signing up and veto from one to five prompts that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. If you need more than five prompts vetoed, please contact the mods by PM and we will work with you to make sure you have a suitable card.

10. Prompts should be the focus of or central to the fanwork submitted as their fills. How you deal with a prompt is left to your interpretation as mentioned in Rule #8. Remember that the genre is angst, and should be the presiding theme for all fills.

11. Even if it is in the prompt you are still required to warn for rape/non-con, dub-con, incest, character death/suicide, graphic self-harm, any type of sexual trauma, any type of child/domestic abuse, and any other triggering themes or images. The other warnings are left to your discretion, though we encourage you to warn as fully as possible. When in doubt, please err on the side of caution.

If you don't want to warn for something because it would spoil your story, please use this code from [personal profile] amadi's post on warnings to make a greyed-out warning readers can choose to read or not.

13. If you are writing RPF, please do not use anyone's existing children as the focus of your fill.

14. Fills for incomplete bingos may only be posted during the Amnesty period, while we’re evaluating winners. Amnesty submissions do not count toward points, but allow you to share whatever fanworks you’ve created with the community.


There will be first, second, and third place awards. The winners will be determined by who has earned the most points with their bingos and extras. Prizes will be as follows:

Third place - 10 icons of whatever fandom/images the winner likes
Second place - 20 icons of whatever fandom/images the winner likes
First place - 30 icons of whatever fandom/images the winner likes

All Bingos - participation banner/icon
Blackouts - personalized banner/icon

There will also be arbitrary mod prizes that are, naturally, arbitrary, but those winners will each receive one wallpaper of whatever fandom/images they like.

You can also sign up here to see how to offer commissions for the completed bingos.


Once you have completed a bingo you must post it to the community to receive points. Do not post single fills or the fanworks to the community except during amnesty. Please follow the Posting Template, and please do not post your fanworks directly to the community. Remember to post all applicable warnings, even if the prompt deals with the content directly.

Posting Template:

The title of your post should contain what category the submission is (ie: Bingo, Extra, Amnesty) as well as the pattern (ie: Straight Line, Cross, Blackout, etc.). Amnesty submissions should include the number and type of fill. For example:

Bingo: Straight Line
Extra: Postage Stamp
Amnesty: 3 artworks

The “Title” for each fill listing should be a link to your post for that fill. You must include a summary of fanfiction, a brief description of any art (alternately you can provide a thumbnail teaser no larger than 100x200), or a preview of your icon set (3 icons). Each submission post should be tagged with all appropriate tags already available on the community.

Use this template for the header of the post:

Author: (your name here)
Card: (link to your post with the card used for this submission post only)
Fandoms: (list of fandom/s)
Angst: (list of prompts used)

(Use an LJ cut here.)

To make things easier, we have provided the HTML for formatting your header, just copy and paste the text below and fill in the appropriate information:

Use this template for the body of your post:

Title: Name of your first submission (as a link)
Prompt: Angst prompt
Fandom/Pairing: list fandom and pairing (if any)
Medium: fic, art, icons
Rating: G-Nc-17
Warnings: all appropriate
Summary: summary, description, preview for icons etc

Title: name of your second submission (as a link)
Prompt: Angst prompt
Fandom/Pairing: list fandom and pairing (if any)
Medium: fic, art, icons
Rating: G-Nc-17
Warnings: all appropriate
Summary: summary, description, preview for icons etc.

Continue until you’ve listed all fills for your submission.

To make things easier, we have provided the HTML for formatting your fills, just copy and paste the text below and fill in the appropriate information:

If you create icons for your fill, you can use the following HTML to show up to 3 icons as a preview.

Don’t forget to close the LJ cut at the end of your post.
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