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What is allowed?
- Any fandom, including real person fiction (RPF)
- All ratings and pairings
- Gen, slash and het content
- Crossovers and fusions
-Original fiction/art
- Original characters in existing fandoms, as well as any stock photography used to represent them. (Please note: If the character is featured alone in artwork, you need to mention the fandom at least in the Summary portion of the posting Template.)

What is not allowed?
- Works in a language other than English
- Previously posted fanwork.

Can I use different fandoms for each fill?
Of course! We're a multi-fandom community, and you can use as many fandoms and crossovers as you like to create your fills.

I know that the theme is angst, but does that mean I can't use a happier ending?
There is a very fine line between certain kinds of angst and hurt/comfort. While we do not want to dictate how you create and finish your work, the presiding emphasis ought to be angst. The question you should ask yourself is "is angst really still the focus of my fanwork?"

Why is Angst Bingo English only?
This is to make it easier for the mods. We are unable to moderate submissions, answer questions, or offer prizes for entries we can't read.

Is a fill limited to fiction only?
No, you are not limited to fiction. Bingo squares can be filled with fic, meta, art, picspams, vids, mixes and icons.

What are the requirements for a fill to count?
To keep the amount of work a fill takes consistent there are minimum requirements for a fill. They are as follows:
fic - 500 words
podfic - 500 words (with author permission)
meta - 1000 words
original fiction - 500 words
art - medium sized (at least 200x300)
icon - set of 10
picspam - 20 pics
vids - 1 minute
mixes - 8 songs + cover art

You can, obviously, write/art/icon/etc MORE than that, but not less.

What are the rules for vids?
Fan vids must be a minimum of 1minute long. They should be uploaded to a long term hosting site (MegaUpload, Mediafire, or similar), and the link to the download link should be made in an entry on your own journal, not to the posting template, just like any other fill. If you choose to also embed a streaming version of your video to your journal entry, that’s perfectly fine.

Why do I need to upload my fanvid?
Streaming sites can remove content for a variety of reasons. We don’t want anyone missing out because their video was taken down.

What are the rules for mixes?
Mixes should include a minimum of 8 songs plus at least one piece of cover art. These files should be compressed into a .zip or .rar file and uploaded to a long term hosting site (MegaUpload, Mediafire, or similar). You will also need a track list with an explanation for how each song suits the prompt the mix fills. The download link and your track list should be made in an entry on your own journal, not to the posting template, just like any other fill. If you choose to also display the cover art in your journal entry, that’s fine.

I am triggered by certain prompts and don't want them on my card. What do I do?
The mods recognize that by its nature an angst challenge has potentially triggering content. We want to be sensitive to your situation and for everyone to have a good time, so please note when you sign up anything that should not appear on your card.

Besides that, you can look at the list of prompts the cards are made from before signing up and veto from one to five prompts/areas that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. If you need more than five prompts vetoed please contact the mods by PM and we will work with you to make sure you have a suitable card.

I need to warn for some of my content, but I don’t want to spoil the story! What do I do?
You can use the following code from [personal profile] amadi's post on warnings to make a greyed-out warning readers can choose to read or not.

Can I write in more than one fandom or alternate between fanwork and original work?

Can I write a series?
Yes. However each story within the series should stand-alone.

Can I participate as part of a team?
You can sign up as a team but you cannot split the prompts between you. That is to say, each fill must be co-created by the entire team. Please note all creators in your sign up, your submission listing, and on each work. To make things easier on the mods, the team member that signs up for the card should be the one to post the submission listing.

If you want to submit extras or additional bingos, they must also be created by all team members. If someone needs to drop out of your team, please contact the mods and we will determine how to deal with the team’s participation for that round.

I have a story posted previously that fits one of my prompts, can I use it?
No, everything for the bingo should be newly written and tagged (either in the header or in your tags) as written for angst bingo.

I'm participating in multiple Bingo communities, and the fill I'm making could be used for a prompt on my card from Angst Bingo and another community's card. Can it be submitted for both?
As long as it fulfills the prompt on your Angst card, doesn't break the rules for the other challenge, and is a new fanwork that is newly posted as per our rules, yes, it can be submitted for both. We prefer more being created, but we won't argue about where your creative inspiration comes from.

Can I post my bingo story to newsletter communities and such?
Yes, of course. You are free to share your fanworks wherever you choose until you’re ready to submit a Bingo, Extra, or Amnesty listing to angst_bingo.

Do I have to post every thing I've made for the bingo to the community?
No. Only post the submission combination as defined in the Posting Template to the community. Do not post single prompt fills during the regular round; they can be submitted during Amnesty.

What is the Amnesty period?
We understand that real life can interfere with the best of intentions, or that sometimes inspiration just fades away. The Amnesty period is the short time after the deadline (while the mods are evaluating submissions) during which people can post fills to the comm that can’t otherwise be submitted for points (ie: single fills that cannot resolve a bingo). This allows you to participate in the comm as much as possible, even though you aren’t awarded any points.

What is the Hiatus Challenge?
In between each regular round, some people don't want to let the angst go! For these happy... er, tearful... people we offer the Hiatus Challenge. It functions as a mini-round, with no Amnesty period, and utilizing Extras. Banner awards for First, Second and Third place are awarded.

What are Extras?
Extras are special patterns of prompts that use multiple prompts per fill. For example, the Postage Stamp is a square of four prompts; instead of 4 fills using those 4 prompts, you would submit 1 fill using those 4 prompts. While extras earn you points, they are not a bingo and can only be submitted after you have submitted at least one successful bingo.

I dislike my card and want a new one, can I request it?
To request a new card you have to finish at least one bingo on your current one. Remember that you don't have to fill out all prompts in your card or be stuck with it until the deadline. Fill out the bingo you're most comfortable with and request a new card to play with!

That being said, if you received a card with prompts of a triggering nature for you, please contact the mods ASAP, so that we can work with you to create a more suitable card.

I've submitted a line bingo and now want to do a blackout, can I just fill the missing squares?
No. You can use the same card to complete the blackout as a new submission, but you still need to write new fills for your previously filled prompts. However, we will count both submissions as bingos and award the appropriate points.

I've completed a bingo but I don't want to ask for a new card, I want to continue playing with this one. Can I do this?
Yes, absolutely, as long as you're making new fills for the previously used prompts.

Can I make a fill that covers several squares at once?
Unless you're doing Extras, each fill should only answer one prompt. You may reuse the prompt if you reuse the card, however you need to create a new fanwork to fill it.

You do realize that you have 'cages', 'captivity', 'imprisonment' and 'dungeons' prompts on the same list, right?
Yes, some prompts have both generalized and specific versions on the list; you're encouraged to interpret them as broadly or as narrowly as you'd like.

I don't understand what my prompt means and I'm confused by it.
PM or email the mods and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

I don't like some of my prompts and I can't write them, what can I do?
All prompts are open to interpretation. For example, 'assault' doesn't necessarily have to have sexual content; 'multiple personalities' could be interpreted as living with a mental condition, or as several consciousness being forced into one body by scientific or magical means; 'unable to move' could mean a temporary or permanent paralysis, or the inability to move forward after trauma etc.

Some of these prompts are bound to force you out of your comfort zone; half of the challenge of this bingo is thinking of these prompts in new ways. However we want everyone to feel safe and enjoy participating each round. If you have problems with a topic we will be as sensitive as possible.

What is wild card?
It's a card for which you choose an angst centered prompt, either from the list of prompts or otherwise. You still have to fill it if it's in your bingo, just with the prompt of your own choosing.

A little competition keeps things interesting -- how can I share this community with my friends?
Simple! Tell everyone that they should check us out... and if you like, you can use our nifty badges and the code at this page.

I have a question that isn't answered here.
You can either leave it as a comment to this post with Question in the subject heading or PM the mods.
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