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winners of round five

so this round was supposed to end back in may, but school is being difficult right now, so life got hectic and whatever. anyway! winners of round five!

in first place: zeezeemagee with 800 points!

tied for second place: jalu2, sing_with_fire, and ncisvu_lj with 250 points each!

if you'd like a customer winners' banner, please comment here with the image and i'll make you one!

i'd like to have a mini round for the summer or would you guys prefer a full round? i don't mind either way. please let me know in the comments.

also i'd like a few more co-mods to help out with giving out cards and scoring and such. please comment here or PM me if you're interested.

any other questions, comments, concerns, please comment here or PM me.

again, i am really sorry about dropping the ball with this comm. the next round will be a lot smoother.
Tags: !modpost, round: 5

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