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angst_bingo's Journal

Angst Bingo
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Angst Bingo - A fanwork challenge
Why angst?

{Angst Bingo}
How it worksScheduleWho’s involved?
There’s a lot of bingo communities floating around, built for all sorts of genres and fandoms. But to our surprise... no one had done an angst bingo! Coupled with the fact that a friend of ours (ok, several friends) really loves to write angst, and made puppy eyes at us, there was no way we could resist.

We're a multi-fandom community, so don't be afraid to check us out!
When you sign up, we’ll assign you a 5x5 randomized card of prompts set up like, well, a bingo card. (Don’t worry, if there’s topics you have problems with, we’re sensitive to that.) You answer the prompts with fanworks, completing various patterns for points. For more information you can see our:


-Points and scoring

Round 4 will begin after the Hiatus Challenge in June.

We're currently in hiatus, and in the process of changing hands. Please bear with us!
This little labor of love (and pain?) is run by your friendly neighborhood maintainer: synnerxx. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to PM me.

If you’re interested in helping us out with prizes for the winners, or feel inspired by the work you see here, you can apply here.

See our winners in the Hall of Fame! We hope that there can be more rounds, and many winners, to come.

Layout and profile layout by milou_veronica.

Our model and some of our prompts are adapted with permission from hc_bingo. Thanks again guys!

We're also affiliated with bingo_anonymous, a great support community for anyone participating in bingo challenges, as well as leverage_bingo, dark_bingo and kink_bingo. Check them out!